Trees, Shrubs and Landscaping Plants in Charlotte

The Great Outdoors

Our expansive selection of plants extends beyond our Charlotte landscaping gardens and greenhouses. We feature a seasonal variety of bedding plants to make your outdoor life a beauty to behold. With our climate, you can plant nearly year-round!

Advice from Experts

We know a thing or two about Japanese maples, fruit trees, decorative grasses and ground covers for our area. We're here to help you find the best annuals, perennials and landscaping plants for Charlotte!

We Know The Charlotte Landscape

Being from these parts, our team selects landscaping and bedding plants that grow well in the famous Carolina red soils. Of course, improving the soil will improve your plants - let us help you find the right plants for your home in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

We're Here, Even After The Sale

Our plants are like children to us and we love to find them good homes. When you "adopt" one of ours, we're here with planting tips and "aftercare" advice. We grow when you succeed with the best Landscaping Plants available in Charlotte and will even help you load them in your car!